Paperama Level Cheats & Solutions

Paperama Level Cheats and Solutions for every level of the paper-folding game for iOS and Android devices. Developed by FDG Entertainment, Paperama is a hugely successful free game for Android that challenges you to fold a virtual piece of paper into a very specific shape. You have to stay inside the lines to get full credit, and the patterns get harder and harder. Sometimes all you need is to see someone else do it, so if you get stuck you can use our Paperama cheats, solutions, and walkthrough videos to help you beat every level.


Paperama Level Packs:

paperama tani
Paperama Tani

paperama yama
Paperama Yama

paperama jabara
Paperama Jabara

Paperama is all about folding and precision. You get a dotted pattern to match, and you must fold your virtual paper to match the shape. You have a little wiggle room, since you don’t need to get 100% accuracy to pass the level. The better you do, though, the more stars you get. And to make everything more difficult, you have a limited number of folds you can make for each level. If you reach that limit and don’t have the shape completed, you FAIL.

The game is split up into three main packs, or sets of levels: Tani, Yama, and Jabara. Tani starts off easy, showing you the basics with simple shapes like triangles and squares, but things quickly heat up. You’ll have to make boats, hammers, and all other sorts of things before you even pass the 24 levels in Tani. Then, you have to deal with Yama and Jabara, where you’ll be making even more complex shapes, like t-shirts and frogs. You can see why Paperama cheats might come in handy.

The good news is that, through all the blood, sweat and tears, you’re actually doing real paper folding (so to speak). You can use the same techniques you learn in the game to practice making real paper shapes. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be making three-dimensional origami paper crafts!

Well, it actually takes a little more than just time. A lot of these levels can be figured out with trial and error, but occasionally you may come across a level you just can’t beat, no matter how many times you try. And that’s exactly why we’re here — to show you the way and give you the Paperama cheats for any level you need.

That’s not to say that the game doesn’t give you any help, because it does. You can instantly reset if the game figures out that you’ve totally failed a level. And before you get to that point — here’s probably the best feature — you can undo your last moves as many times as you want. You can even undo all the way to the beginning of the level if it meets your fancy. If you’re still stuck, the game offers you hints which you spend “hint points” to get. They can really help to pass a level!

Even with all that help, it just might not be enough. But do not fret, young paper-folder-er! That’s what we’re here for. Just browse to the pack you want and use our Paperama cheats and solutions to help you beat any level. Good luck!

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