Paperama Jabara Pack Level 11 Cheats

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This is the walkthrough for level 11 of Paperama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Paperama Jabara level 11! In this level you will only have 5 folds to form the Heron that is required.  Follow the steps below to help you form your piece of paper into the Heron shape.<<Back to level page

Paperama Jabara Level 11 Cheats

Step 1

Paperama Jabara Level 11

Ready to make a sweet Heron? Good! Start by making a folding your bottom left corner to the top right corner. As you can see, you should have a large triangle in front of you. Pay close attention to these instructions as the heron is quite tricky.

Step 2

Paperama Jabara Level 11

With your second fold, you will need to take the top right point of that triangle. Fold it towards the bottom left corner and slightly to the right. To get a better idea of what I am describing, use the picture above as a guide.

Step 3

Paperama Jabara Level 11

Once you have down that, use your third move to fold that bottom left corner upwards. Fold it so that it overlaps the long triangle. However, don’t align it right to the edge. Instead leave a little bit of wiggle room as the picture above illustrates.

Step 4

Paperamaa Jabara Level 11

With your forth fold, take the top point of the piece of paper and fold it towards the left. You fold should line up the back of the heron’s head. It should also somewhat align with the heron’s neck.

Step 5

Paperamaa Jabara Level 11

Finally, take the top right point and fold it back towards the left. The piece of paper should fit perfectly with the heron’s beak. In the process of doing this, this fold will also bring the bottom half of the paper over. Therefore, you should have filled out the rest of the heron’s body and wing. Once finished, pat yourself on the back as the heron is one of the harder origami pieces to create. But don’t stop there. Now that you has masterfully completed the heron, try out these real folding techniques in real life.

Paperama Jabara Level 11 Video

If you are more of a visual learner, watch this video below for more tips and tricks to help you beat Paperama Jabara Level 11. In this video you will be able to watch the step by step moves to help you form the Heron. Watch closely to make sure that you are following the lines and making the correct folds!

Jabara Pack Level 11: Heron Walkthrough

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