Paperama Jabara Level Cheats

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Paperama Jabara cheats and solutions for Jabara Pack levels 1-24 of the popular game for iPhone by developer FDG Entertainment. Having trouble beating Jabara Pack levels 1-24 of this challenging game, like Frog? This page has all the Paperama cheats and solutions to help you beat the game.

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paperama jabara
paperama jabara

Paperama Jabara Pack Levels 1-24 Cheats

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This pack is the third set of levels for Paperama, the game that lets you learn origami from the comfort of your phone or tablet. We love Paperama, because it takes all the guesswork and annoying mistakes out of origami. If you tried to learn origami before, you probably got discouraged because of your inability to make exactly the right folds. When you don’t get something exactly right in origami, it can throw everything else off. But when you start over, you either have to use a new piece of paper or try to fold over the creases you’ve already made. This can get expensive, discouraging, or both! There’s no worse feeling than refolding a piece of paper so often that it tears–especially if that was special origami paper you bought with the last of your paycheck. (We’ve all been there, right?)

Thankfully, with Paperama, there’s no need to use paper to learn the basics of folding paper. Jabara is the most difficult of all three packs in the game. You need to have played through both Tani and Yama packs in order to unlock it. Its shapes mostly consist of animals, as opposed to Tani (which is mostly abstract shapes) and Yama (which is a lot of inanimate objects and plants mixed with animals). Animals are shaped oddly, of course. This means you need to think outside the box to win. And we’re not being metaphorical when we say that, either. Many of your folds won’t be in or around the dotted lines at all. Instead, you need to focus on making strange angles and corners that will fit inside the lines later on.

Some of you may be wondering where the name of this pack came from. In order to answer that, you’ll have to ask the Paperama developers themselves at FDG Entertainment. Jabara is not a Japanese word, although it does have some Korean roots (it’s a type of traditional cymbal). It’s also an uncommon last name, notably held by America’s first jet ace, whose first name was James. (He has an airport named after him in Wichita, Kansas. You should visit it sometime if you like this level pack.) We have no idea why FDG chose to name this pack after a pilot or little-known folk instrument, but it’s a fun word to say anyway! Let it roll around on your tongue for a while and tell us we’re wrong. Yeah, that’s what we thought.

To get help on any level of this pack, click the links above. You’ll find a detailed text and video walkthrough for every single fold. This pack is tricky, but you can master it with practice. Remember that you can undo every move you make with no penalty. That’s the best thing about this game–it’s all about learning without any pressure. We’ve just made it easier to figure out the puzzles, so you can try out the real thing faster than ever. Now you’ll be able to stockpile all of your hint points like one of those hoarders we’ve all seen on TV. If (more like when) you get discouraged, just take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’re here to have fun. Keep at it, and good luck!