Paperama Tani Level 1 Cheats

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Paperema Tani Level 1! You’ll find all the tips you need here for Paperama Tani Level 1, introduction!

Paperama Tani Level 1 Cheats

Step 1

paperama tani level 1
paperama tani level 1
  • Hello, and welcome to the Paperama Tani Pack! Chances are if you’re here this is your first time playing paperama. Well, let me just say that this is an awesome game. It’s beautiful and calming, yet challenging. You’ll definitely be hooked quickly.
  • Since it’s the first level, let’s start by looking at what we’ve got here. There appears to be a dotted white line on top of a piece of paper. There is also a square that says score, folds, and limit. The limit is the number of folds that you have in the level to make the shape outlined by the dotted white line. Folds is the number of folds you have made. So if your limit is only one fold (like on the level), and the shape you make in that fold is no the shape outlined by the dotted white line, you lose!
  • The score button calculates your score based on how close you came to achieving the shape. Only a score above 80 will get you through to the next level.
  • So, back to this level. All you need to do to beat the first level is to drag the bottom right corner to the top left corner. It’s really that simple.
  • Notice how lifelike and beautiful the paper in paperama is. It really acts like a real piece of paper! The edges don’t just snap in place, you have to painstakingly make sure that your edges line up correctly. That being said, make sure your edges are lined up! The easiest way to lose a level is with sloppy edges.

Paperama Tani Level 1 Video

This is the walkthrough for level 1 of Paperama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Tani Pack level 1!

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Paperama Tani Pack Level 1 Cheats

Tani Pack Level 1: Introduction Walkthrough