Paperama Tani Level 11 Cheats

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Paperama Tani Level 11 Cheats and Tips. This is a walkthrough for Paperama Tani Level 11, Trapeze.

Paperama Tani Level 11

Step 1

paperama tani 11 1
paperama tani 11 1
  • The goal for paperama tani level 11 is to build a “trapeze” in three moves. The shape is identical to the “ramp” shape from a couple levels back. Thankfully, for you, this level is much simpler because the trapeze is in a more accessible location. Still, if you are having problems with this level, we have a step by step guide for you below.
  • The first step is to fold the paper in half horizontally. Bring the top edge of the paper down to meet the bottom edge of the paper. At this point, the edge of the fold you just made should be in line with the top edge of the trapezoid.

Step 2

paperama tani 11 2
paperama tani 11 2
  • Next, fold the upper right-hand corner down and into the body of the trapezoid. Stop folding when the edge of the fold is lined up with the right edge of the trapezoid.
  • You can honestly do this move with either corner. We just happened to choose to do the right corner first.
  • Make sure your edges line up! You only have three moves this round, so you don’t have available moves to go back and fix your edges. That means you have to make sure your edges line up correctly on every turn.
    Don’t be afraid to use the undo button if you mess up.

Step 3

paperama tani 11 3
paperama tani 11 3
  • Now repeat the last fold on the other side of the paper.
  • In our case, that means folding down the left corner into the body of the trapezoid. The edge of the fold should line up with the left edge of the trapezoid.
  • At this point, all of your paper should be inside the trapezoid. If you are unhappy with some of your folds, feel free to go back and replay this level. There’s no reason not to get three stars on this level, so make sure you go back and make your edges perfect until you get three stars.
  • Congratulations! You’ve made a trapezoid, or “trapeze” as they call it in paperama. I really have no idea why they call it that, but they do, so what do I know?

Paperama Tani Level 11 Video

This is the walkthrough for level 11 of Paperama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Tani Pack level 11!

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