Paperama Level 13 Tani Cheats

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This is the walkthrough for Paperama level 13 Tani of Paperama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Paperama level 13 Tani!

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Paperama Level 13 Tani Cheats

Step One

paperama level 13 tani a
paperama level 13 tani a
  • Paperama level 13 Tani starts off very simply. Just fold the bottom left corner towards the upper right corner.
    You’ll need to fold the corners close together, but not overlapping. You need to have a little bit of the paper’s edge remain straight.
  • This is a straightforward fold. The edges should be exactly parallel at the end. In the Paperama level 13 Tani screenshot above, our player needs to adjust their fold. It should be dragged slightly up.

Step Two

paperama level 13 tani b
paperama level 13 tani b
  • The next step of Paperama level 13 Tani is to fold the upper right corner down, much in the same way you folded the bottom left corner in step one.
  • You won’t be able to get the complete shape in this move. There’s too much paper still. Instead, you just have to concentrate on the top left and bottom right corners.
  • Just like before, you need to keep some of the paper’s edge unfolded to get the shape right.
  • Try to get as much paper inside the shape as possible while staying close to the lines. Paperama level 13 Tani has a very narrow shape, so it’s easy to go outside the lines if you aren’t careful.
  • Even going slightly outside or too far inside the lines can decrease your score. Concentrate on lining up the corners precisely.

Step Three

paperama level 13 tani c
paperama level 13 tani c
  • Once you’ve finished folding the upper right corner in step two, it’s time to do the same thing in step three of Paperama level 13 Tani. Grab the corner you made in the last step and fold it one more time.
  • This step is a little tricky. You’ll have to reposition the paper a lot to get it exactly inside the lines.
  • Make sure you’re folding at the corner, rather than at a place in the middle. This will give you more leverage to make small adjustments to the fold.
  • Instead of moving your finger around the screen, try twisting it instead. This will adjust the fold minutely. Paperama level 13 Tani is all about precision.
  • If you can’t get the paper precisely within the lines, that’s okay–you can come back and try Paperama level 13 Tani again once you’re a little more skilled. Just try to get it as close to the lines as possible.

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