Paperama Level 15 Tani Cheats

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Paperama Level 15 Tani Cheats, Solutions, and Walkthrough. Use these screenshots and video to get 100% and three stars on Paperama Level 15 Tani Pack. In this level you will need to fold your Origami paper into an angle.

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Paperama Level 15 Tani Cheats

Level 15 Step One – Fold the left side to the right.

paperama level 15 tani step 1

  • Paperama level 15 Tani looks difficult at first. Actually, it’s much simpler than it appears.
  • Begin the level by dragging the left side of the paper over toward the right side of the screen. Line up the fold with the left-hand dotted line.
  • Pull the paper from the middle of the edge. This will make it easier to match up with the dotted line. Pulling from a point nearer to a corner will tend to skew the fold in that direction.
  • Paperama level 15 Tani is an easy level to get 100% on. You have to be very exact from the beginning, though. Pay attention to your score in the left-hand box.

Level 15 Step Two – Fold the right side to the left.

paperama level 15 tani step b

  • Once the paper is flush with the left-hand dotted line, move to the right side and repeat step one of Paperama level 15 Tani.
  • This time, you need to drag the right side over so that it also touches the left-hand dotted line.
  • As before, drag the paper from the middle of the edge. It’s very easy to make a slanted fold by dragging from the wrong point on the paper. Every fold in Paperama level 15 Tani should be totally vertical.
  • In the Paperama level 15 Tani screenshot above, our player has clicked too low on the paper. Their finger then dipped a little too low while folding, creating a crease that doesn’t line up well.
  • If you’re having trouble lining up the paper with the dotted line, look at the corners instead. The paper should look like there is only one corner, not two.

Level 15 Step Three – Fold the right to the left again.

paperama level 15 tani step 3

  • Now that you’ve made a narrow strip of paper, make it even narrower. Repeat Paperama level 15 Tani step two exactly as before. Once again, remember to pull from the middle of the paper’s edge.
  • You can see from the screenshot how important it is to line up the corners. Our player has already strayed outside the lines in step two. It will be impossible to get 100% now, but it will also be very difficult to make this fold line up with the dotted line since the previous one was made at an angle.

Level 15 Step Four – Fold the bottom to the right.

paperama level 15 tani step 4

  • Once the paper is within the dotted lines going up and down, grab the bottom part of the strip and drag it up and to the right.
  • This final fold in Paperama level 15 Tani will make the pictured L-shape. Make sure to line up the strip with both the top and bottom lines, as well as the corners.
Paperama Level 15 Tani: Angle Walkthrough

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