Paperama Level 17 Tani Cheats

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This is the walkthrough for Paperama level 17 Tani. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Paperama level 17 Tani!

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Paperama Level 17 Tani Cheats


Step One


  • Most of the time, you would start a level by making the largest fold available. In Paperama level 17 Tani, though, things are very different.
  • Pay attention to the shape of the crown you need to make in Paperama level 17 Tani. Notice the small “wings” on the tips of the crown’s outer tips. You need to make those using the bottom corners of the paper.
  • Drag the upper left hand corner of the paper to the right so that the crease lines up with the upper left dotted line. Make sure the corner doesn’t cross the line on the other side.
  • Before finishing the fold, look at the bottom of the paper. There should be a small triangle formed by the bottom left corner overlapping the bottom of the paper. If you don’t see this triangle, drag the top corner up or down until you do.
  • There are many ways you can fold the paper to get it to line up with the dotted line, but only one way you can get the triangle you need to pass Paperama level 17 Tani with 3 stars. Be careful!

Step Two


  • After finishing step two, you can move on and do the same thing in Paperama level 17 Tani. This time, you’ll do it on the right side.
  • Grab the upper right hand corner and drag it so that you get a crease on the upper right dotted line. You should end up with a triangle on the bottom right that matches the left one.
  • If you’ve done your folding right, you should see a little bit of paper overlapping the center triangle as shown. Don’t worry, you need that for step 3 of Paperama Tani level 17.

Step Three


  • Drag the corner of the small bit of overlapping paper to the right. You should have lots of folds on the top part of Paperama Tani level 17 by now.
  • Make sure the crease lines up exactly with the dotted line as it did in step one.

Step Four


  • For the final step of Paperama level 17 Tani, make the big move you wanted to do for step one: drag the bottom of the paper to the upper horizontal line.
  • Make sure the small triangles you made in steps one and two are aligned with the small “wings” on the crown. They’re vital for your score in Paperama level 17 Tani.
Tani Pack Level 17: Crown Walkthrough

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