Paperama Level 20 Tani Cheats

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This is the walkthrough for Paperama level 20 Tani. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Paperama level 20 Tani!

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Paperama Level 20 Tani Cheats

Step One


  • To begin Paperama level 20 Tani, you need to fold the paper almost–but not quite–in half.
  • Drag the paper from the left edge to the right. The crease should line up exactly with the left dotted line.
  • You may see a small overlap on the right edge after you make the crease. Try to get this down as much as you can. Take note of the percentage score to the left and adjust accordingly. Remember that you can undo as many times as you want.

Step Two


  • The second step of Paperama level 20 Tani begins much like the first. You need to fold the right side of the square over to the left.
  • Drag the paper over until the far edge lines up with the left vertical line.
  • Since Paperama level 20 Tani depends on having a totally straight line, drag the paper from the middle. Don’t drag from the corners.
  • Our player in the Paperama level 20 Tani screenshot above needs to redo this step. Their edge drifts off to the right a little too much.

Step Three


  • For the third time in Paperama level 20 Tani, you need to make a straight fold. This one will make the paper into a thin vertical strip.
  • You can repeat the process from Paperama level 20 Tani step two. Drag the right side over one more time so that the edges are completely within the dotted lines.

Step Four


  • This is the part of Paperama level 20 Tani where things get a little more difficult. Fold the bottom of the paper up and to the right.
  • The left edge of the paper should now be aligned with the bottom diagonal dotted line.

Step Five


  • The final step of Paperama level 20 Tani is another 180-degree fold. It doesn’t look like it, but it’s actually a lot like the three straight folds you made to start off the level. However, the angle makes things a little trickier.
  • Drag the remaining paper up and to the left to place it within the dotted lines and finish the hockey stick shape.
  • Make sure you drag from the middle of the edge. You want to line up the corners, but lining up both at once is tough if you are poking at the corners themselves.
Tani Pack Level 20: Hockey Walkthrough

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