Paperama Level 21 Tani Cheats

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Paperama level 21 Tani cheats, solutions, and walkthroughs. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Paperama level 21 Tani! In this level you must folder your paper Origami in order to create a hook.

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Paperama Level 21 Tani Cheats

Level 21 Step One – Fold the left corner to the right corner.


  • This is by far the easiest step in Paperama level 21 Tani. As usual, you want to start by making the largest fold possible.
  • Drag the bottom left corner up to the top right corner of the board, making the paper into a triangle.
  • Make sure the sides both line up with one another. If they don’t, you won’t be able to keep your paper inside the lines in later steps of Paperama level 21 Tani.

Level 21 Step Two – Fold the right corner down left.


  • Though not as simple as step one, step two of Paperama level 21 Tani is pretty easy. Drag the upper right corner down and to the left.
  • Aim for the right angle in the middle left of the shape. The cursor in the Paperama level 21 screenshot above is directly over it.
  • After completing this step, your paper should look like a large trapezoid.

Level 21 Step Three – Fold the top down to the left again.


  • In the next step of Paperama level 21 Tani, you need to make your large trapezoid into a smaller, skinnier one.
  • Grab the top of the shape and drag it down and to the left once more. When the bottom edge hits the left line and the top edge hits the right one, you’re good to move on.
  • Make sure you’re dragging from the middle of the edge. Dragging from a corner will make lining up the edges that much more difficult.

Level 21 Step Four – Fold the top left corner down.


  • Here’s a brief, simple step to get you warmed up for the next two.
  • In the upper left corner of your Paperama level 21 Tani paper, you have a triangle that needs to be folded over.
  • Make a horizontal, 180-degree fold to put that triangle inside the lines.

Level 21 Step Five – Fold the bottom right corner up.


  • This part of Paperama level 21 Tani can get pretty hard. Fold the bottom part of the paper up and to the right. This will form a small triangle as shown in the Paperama level 21 Tani screenshot above.
  • You want the bottom edge of the paper to line up with the bottom horizontal line.
  • An easier way to do this step is to fold the whole bottom part of the strip over to fit inside the diagonal lines.

Level 21 Step Six – Fold the bottom right corner left.


  • Fold the remaining small triangle directly up to fit it inside the lines and complete Paperama level 21 Tani.

Paperama Level 21 Tani Video

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