Paperama Tani Level 24 Cheats

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Paperama Tani Level 24 Cheats and Tips. This is a walkthrough for Level 24 of Papermania, Love you.

Paperama Tani Level 24

Step 1

paperama tani level 24 1

  • Welcome to the last level of the Tani Pack! It’s a fun one! The goal of Paperama Tani Level 24 is to make a heart in 8 moves or less.
  • The first move is to fold the piece of paper in half. Bring the top edge of your paper down to meet the bottom edge. Make sure your edges line up!

Step 2

paperama tani level 24 2

  • Next, fold the paper in half again. Bring the bottom edge of the paper to meet the top edge of the paper. Line up your edges!
  • The top edge of the paper should be at the corner where the top half of the heart meets the bottom half of the heart.

Step 3

paperama tani level 24 3

  • Next, fold the bottom right corner into the paper. There’s no obvious marker for how far in you should fold it, but it’s eventually going to end up as the right half of the indent at the top of the heart. So try to make the fold match the size and shape of that indent.
  • Note: it’s important that you do this step here. It won’t work if you try to do it at the top of the heart because it will end up folding the other half of the paper with it, and then you’ll be in big trouble.

Step 4

paperama tani level 24 4

  • Drag the corner that you just made into the right side of the heart so that the fold you just made lines up with the indent. Now is a good time to make sure you made the last fold correctly. Feel free to redo it if you have to.

Step 5

paperama tani level 24 5

  • Bring the right upper corner of the heart down into the heart. Stop dragging it when the edge of the fold lines up with the outer edge of the top of the right side of the heart.

Step 6

paperama tani level 24 6

  • Repeat step 3 for the left corner.

Step 7

paperama tani level 24 7

  • Repeat step 4 for the left side of the paper. Brag it up into the top of the heart so that the fold you just made lines up with the left indent of the heart.

Step 8

paperama tani level 24 8

  • Repeat step 5 for the left side of the heart.
  • Congratulations! You made a heart and completed the Tani pack of Paperama. On to Yama!

Paperama Tani Level 24 Video

This is the walkthrough for level 24 of Paperama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Tani Pack level 24!

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