Paperama Tani Level 6 Cheats

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Paperama Tani Level 6 Tips and Cheats to help you beat the level! This is the walkthrough for paperama tani level 6, house.

Paperama Tani Level 6

Step 1

paperama tani level 6 1
paperama tani level 6 1
  • So in this level, you have to fold the paper into a house in only four folds. It seems simple, but it’s trickier than it looks.
  • The first step is to make one half of the “roof” of the house. To do this, fold the top left-hand corner down toward the middle of the page. Stop when the fold of the paper lines up perfectly with the edge of the roof of the house. Don’t forget to line up your edges! Try to make sure they’re really straight.

Step 2

paperama tani level 6 2
paperama tani level 6 2
  • Next, do something similar on the right half of the paper. Fold the top right-hand corner down into the center of the page. Once again, stop when the edge of the paper is in line with the right half of the “roof” of the house.
  • The two top edges of the paper that you folded over should now be touching each other so that they form a perfect point at the tip of the “roof”. Make sure that your edges are touching and straight so that the tip of the roof is really pointy!

Step 3

paperama tani level 6 3
paperama tani level 6 3
  • Next, fold the paper over so that the right-hand side of the paper meets the left-hand side of the paper. There’s only going to be a tiny chunk of paper left on the right-hand side that hasn’t been folded over yet, but grabs that chunk and drags it. The paper should now be in a column (except for the roof) that is exactly the width of the “house”.
  • On big folds like this, it’s even more important to make sure that your edges line up well. Play with this big fold a little until you’re satisfied with the fold that you’ve made.

Step 4

paperama tani level 6 4
paperama tani level 6 4
  • At this point, the only paper that is outside the house is directly under it.
  • Fold this remaining paper up and into the house until the fold lines up directly with the bottom edge of the house. Since you made sure that all of the paper outside the house was the same width as the house in the last step, you should be all good to go in this step.
  • Congratulations! You built a house!

Paperama Tani Level 6 Video

This is the walkthrough for level 6 of Paperama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Tani Pack level 6!

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