Paperama Tani Level 9 Cheats

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Paperama Tani Level 9 Cheats and Tips. This is a walkthrough for Tani Level 9, ramp.

Paperama Tani Level 9

Step 1

paperama tani level 9 1

  • The goal for Paperama Tani Level 9 is to build a ramp in six moves or less. You’re given a lot of moves this level, but it can still be pretty tricky.
  • The first step is to fold the paper in half horizontally. Bring the bottom edge of the paper up to meet the top edge of the paper. As with most levels of Paperama, you want to make sure that the outline of the shape is always contained in your folds for this entire level.
  • Make sure to line up your edges!

Step 2

paperama tani level 9 2

  • Next, fold the bottom edge of the paper up again, but don’t bring it all the way to the top edge.
  • Stop folding when the edge of the paper is lined up with the bottom edge of the ramp. At this point the top half of the paper will be sticking up above the ramp. That’s ok, you’ll have time to fix that later.

Step 3

paperama tani level 9 3

  • Next, fold the top left corner of the paper down to meet the bottom edge of the ramp.
  • The edge of the fold should line up perfectly with the left edge of the ramp. Don’t fold too far, because you won’t have time to fix it. If you do go too far remember that you can use the undo button.

Step 4

a href=””>paperama tani level 9 4

  • Now do a similar thing on the right side of the paper. Drag the upper right corner down into the body of the shape. But instead of stopping when the corner touches the bottom edge of the ramp, stop when the edge of the fold lines up with the right edge of the ramp.

Step 5

paperama tani level 9 5

  • Next, fold the paper below the ramp up and into the ramp. It should all fit within the boundaries of the ramp, but if some ends up a bit above the ramp that’s ok.
  • Line up your edges so that the bottom edge of the ramp is really smooth.

Step 6

paperama tani level 9 6

  • Last but not least, fold the remaining paper into the body of the shape. The paper should be entirely above the body of the ramp.
  • Fold the remaining paper down and into the body of the ramp.
  • Congratulations! You made a ramp!

Paperama Tani Level 9 Video

This is the walkthrough for level 9 of Paperama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Tani Pack level 9!

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