Paperama Tani Level Cheats

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Paperama cheats and solutions for Tani Pack levels 1-24 of the popular game for iPhone by developer FDG Entertainment. Having trouble beating Tani Pack levels 1-24 of this challenging game, like Introduction? This page has all the Paperama cheats and solutions to help you beat the game.

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paperama tani
paperama tani

Paperama Tani Pack Levels 1-24 Cheats

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Have you ever wondered how people can create a wide variety of objects, animals, etc., by just folding a piece of paper? Well if you have, then you would love the new game from FDG Entertainment. Paperama is a new hit game that is climbing to the top of the charts on the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Paperama gives you the modern day take on the Japanese art of Origami. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Origami is defined as ‘the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures’. Since the art form began in Japan in the 17th century, it has become increasingly popular all over the world. In Origami you want to fold a single, flat piece of paper into a variety of objects or sculptures. Over the years, the amounts of figures to create are endless and have become increasingly detailed and more difficult.

If you have ever tried to make an object using a single piece of paper, you know it can be quite difficult. Every fold needs to be made with a purpose, constantly thinking about the end result. When practicing Origami, you need to be precise and have a plan in mind or else the folds will never match up together. There are many different techniques and basic folds that can be used in a variety of the Origami forms. If you want to try this Japanese art form, there are a variety of books that show you different techniques, folds, etc. to help you get started and learn the basics! And now, there is even an app!

This tedious art form has now been transformed to fit modern day methods. In the new game, Paperama, you are able to create a variety of art forms, without using a single piece of paper. The app also gives you a game aspect as well, moving from level to level when you have successfully finished the object. There are three different level packs, Tani, Yama, and Jabara. All of the packs have 24 different levels for you to complete.

In the Tani pack, you will find an assortment of objects to make. Within the different levels you will be making a Hovercraft, a Thunderbird, a Dish, and even a Boomerang among many others. The degree of difficulty will change as you progress. Don’t worry though, we have all of the Paperama cheats, solutions, and walkthroughs right here. Follow them and you too will be able to master the amazing Japanese art form of Origami!