Paperama Level 1 Yama Pack Cheats

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This is the walkthrough for Paperama level 1 Yama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Paperama level 1 Yama Pack!

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Paperama Level 1 Yama Pack Cheats

Step One

paperama level 1 yama a
paperama level 1 yama a
  • Paperama level 1 Yama is pretty simple, as befits the first level of a pack. You have only three moves, though, so you’ll need to work quickly.
  • There are two horizontal lines you need to make to create the camelback shape required. You can’t make the top one first, though. There would be no way to create the “cutout” between the two points.
  • Grab the paper from the top and fold it directly downward. This will cut the surface area of the paper in half.
    When you’ve finished the fold, the crease should line up with the lower horizontal line. If your screen doesn’t look like the image, just tap the red button and try to get a more exact start to Paperama level 1 Yama.
  • Make sure to drag the paper from the middle of the edge. You want to line up the corners precisely. Dragging from further on the left would make lining up the right corner harder, and vice versa.

Step Two

paperama level 1 yama b
paperama level 1 yama b
  • In the first step of Paperama level 1 Yama, you created the lower peak of the camelback. Now it’s time to create the second one.
  • Since both peaks are right angles, we can use the natural corners of the paper rather than create new angles from scratch. There’s more than enough paper on the right side of the screen to use for this.
  • Grab the bottom right corner of the paper and drag it to the upper corner of the camelback. Use your right hand to do this. It will give you a better view of the dotted lines which form the shape of Paperama level 1 Yama.
  • Unlike step one of Paperama level 1 Yama, you definitely want to fold from the corner here. This will make it much easier to adjust the crease slightly and increase accuracy.

Step Three

paperama level 1 yama c
paperama level 1 yama c
  • You’re almost done with Paperama level 1 Yama! You can see that there’s still a little bit of paper left. This will easily fit inside the Paperama level 1 Yama camelback shape with a simple fold.
  • As in step one, grab the middle of the edge and fold it. This time, fold the paper up and to the left like you did in step two.
  • This is an easy 180-degree fold, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finishing up Paperama level 1 Yama.

Yama Pack Level 1: Camelback Walkthrough