Paperama Level 12 Yama Cheats

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This is the walkthrough for Paperama level 12 Yama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Paperama level 12 Yama Pack!
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Paperama Level 12 Yama Pack Cheats

Step One


  • There are a lot of corners and diagonals to think about when making the clog for Paperama level 12 Yama. Remember that you only have five folds. Most of the work will need to be done opposite the lines and then folded in to fit the shape.
  • The first step of Paperama level 12 Yama is much easier, though. It’s a standard vertical fold that will cut the paper in half.
  • Drag the top of the page down from the middle of the edge to begin Paperama level 12 Yama. The crease should line up with the center horizontal line as shown.

Step Two


  • In the second step of Paperama level 12 Yama, we will make another large fold. The purpose of this move is simply to get rid of excess paper.
  • Grab the bottom right corner of the page and fold it toward the upper left corner of the clog.
  • Make absolutely sure that the corner and both edges are lined up. This can be tough. You can make slight adjustments by twisting your finger around on the screen.

Step Three


  • Now that we’ve gotten rid of a lot of the paper, we can finish the job. This step of Paperama level 12 Yama will finish up the right side of the shape.
  • As you did in step one, grab the right edge of the paper and fold it over so that the paper lines up exactly with the vertical lines.
  • This is another easy 180-degree fold. Find the middle of the edge and drag it straight over. The less you deviate from a straight line, the better your chances are of getting 100% on Paperama level 13 Yama.

Step Four


  • The fourth step of Paperama level 12 Yama is a lot like step two. This time, though, you need to fit inside an acute angle instead of a right one.
  • Grab the bottom left corner of the paper and drag it up. You want the left edge of the paper to line up with the center horizontal line. You also need the crease to line up with the lower diagonal line as shown.

Step Five


  • The diagonal crease you made in the previous step will now help you complete the final part of Paperama level 12 Yama.
  • Grab the remaining paper by the bottom corner and drag it straight up. The crease from step four will fill in the last diagonal part of the shape.
Yama Pack Level 12: Clog Walkthrough

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