Paperama Level 14 Yama Pack Cheats

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This is the walkthrough for Paperama level 14 Yama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Paperama level 14 Yama Pack!

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Paperama Level 14 Yama Pack Cheats

Step One


  • In Paperama level 14 Yama, you’ll be learning to make a stingray in five folds. We’re not entirely sure that this shape really looks like a stingray. But it’s close enough, and not that difficult. So let’s get right to it!
  • Your first move in Paperama level 14 Yama will be to make a diagonal fold. Grab the top left corner of the paper and fold it down and to the right.
  • When you get the fold down to the small diagonal line as pictured above, stop, but don’t make the crease yet.
  • In the example, our player needs to make a small adjustment before finishing the fold. The edge of the paper needs to pass through the point at the end of the stingray’s tail. It’s a little too far left, which will cause problems in later steps of Paperama level 14 Yama.

Step Two


  • The second step of Paperama level 14 Yama is a mirror image of the first. You can use step one as a guide.
  • Grab the bottom right corner of the paper and fold it into the middle of the stingray. The edge should line up with the point at the end of the stingray’s tail as before.
  • Notice in the example that the point of the triangle is now out of alignment with the shape. This is a sign that something’s wrong. If you want 100% in Paperama level 14 Yama, you should go back and try again.

Step Three


  • Time to get rid of some surface area. Grab the bottom left corner and fold it into the middle of the shape.
  • Stop folding when the edges touch the two points at the base of the stingray’s tail, as shown. You can use the line down the middle of the tail as a guide.

Step Four


  • Let’s get rid of some more surface area. Flip the top right corner 180 degrees.
  • The crease should line up with the upper diagonal lines as pictured.

Step Five


  • To complete Paperama level 14 Yama, grab the bottom right corner again and flip it 180 degrees once more.
  • The game will fold both the corner and the straight edge as part of the same move. Congratulations, you’ve made a stingray!
Paperama Level 14 Yama Pack: Stingray Walkthrough

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