Paperama Level 18 Yama Pack Cheats

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This is the walkthrough for Paperama level 18 Yama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Paperama level 18 Yama Pack!

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Paperama Level 18 Yama Pack Cheats

Step One


  • Here in Paperama level 18 Yama, you need to figure out how to make a flying duck in only five folds. This is quite a complex shape, but the folding process is actually a lot easier than it looks.
  • To begin Paperama level 18 Yama, we will make an easy diagonal fold. Grab the bottom right corner and flip it 180 degrees until the entire page is a triangle instead of a square.
  • The crease should fall directly on the diagonal line that forms the bottom of the duck’s head. You can use this line as your point of reference.
  • There are a lot of angles in this shape, and this fold is the foundation of them all. Make sure all the corners are pointy.

Step Two


  • The next step in Paperama level 18 Yama is just about getting rid of some surface area. You can do this by making a smaller triangle of paper.
  • Grab the bottom left corner of the paper and fold it up into the top right corner. Since the two angles are equal, they should align with one another exactly.

Step Three


  • The last three steps of Paperama level 18 Yama are just a series of folds back and forth to make the wings and body of the duck.
  • Grab the top left corner of the triangle and pull it down and to the right.
  • You can use two different lines as guides for this step. One is the tiny line where the duck’s head meets its neck. The other is the larger line on the lower part of the duck’s backside.
  • Both guides are rather small, but precision is more important than ever in this step of Paperama level 18 Yama. Be careful.

Step Four


  • In the second to last step of Paperama level 18 Yama, fold the bottom right corner back where it came from.
  • Make sure this crease lines up with the diagonal line forming the duck’s belly.

Step Five


  • To finish up Paperama level 18 Yama, flip the paper down one more time to fill in the duck’s wings.
  • This is your last chance to find any places where the paper has strayed outside the lines! Can you find the mistake in this screenshot?
Paperama Level 18 Yama Pack: Duck Walkthrough

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