Paperama Yama Pack Level 20 Cheats

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This is the walkthrough for Paperama Level 20 Yama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Yama Pack level 20! In this level you will only have 6 folds to form the Yacht that is required.  Follow the steps below to help you form your piece of paper into the Yacht shape.

Paperama Level 20 Yama Cheats

Step 1


First, you want to take the bottom right corner and bring it to fold along the dotted line on the right hand side.  Bring the corner point to the slanted line at the top of the Yacht.

Step 2


This next step is the trickiest fold in Paperama Level 20 Yama.  Take the top left corner and bring it so that the right side of the paper aligns with the very right point on the Yacht shape.  You will notice that there is excess paper to the left of the shape.  Look at the above photo to make sure you make this fold correctly.

Step 3


Next you want to fold the paper in half.  Take the top right corner of the paper and bring it down to the bottom.  Make the fold along the slanted line that separates the boat from the sail.  After this move you will only need to fill in the two open triangles and take care of the excess paper.

Step 4


Take the excess paper to the left of the shape and fold it over so that it aligns with the dotted lines.  The fold will help you to fill a majority of the Yacht.

Step 5


Take the bottom left corner and bring it to the top of the Yacht.  Make sure that point and corners align together to form the sail of the Yacht shape.

Step 6


In the last step of Level 20 you want to grab the very bottom point of the excess paper.  The excess paper forms a triangle underneath the shape.  Grab that triangle and fold it along the very bottom horizontal dotted line. This will form the remaining shape of the Yacht.

Paperama Level 20 Yama Video

If you are more of a visual learner, watch this video below for more tips and tricks to help you beat Paperama Level 20 Yama.  In this video you will be able to watch the step by step moves to help you form the Yacht.  Watch closely to make sure that you are following the lines and making the correct folds!

Paperama Level 20 Yama: Yatch Walkthrough

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