Paperama Level 22 Yama Pack Cheats

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This is the walkthrough for Paperama level 22 Yama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Paperama level 22 Yama Pack!

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Paperama Level 22 Yama Pack Cheats

Step One


  • You need to make a dog’s head to pass Paperama level 22 Yama, complete with ears. To make all the corners you need, you’ll have to work outside of the shape at first.
  • The shape is also very small. This tells us that the first few moves of Paperama level 22 Yama will need to get rid of as much surface area as possible.
  • Keeping this in mind, grab the top left corner of the paper. Then drag it to the bottom right to make a triangle. Make sure the edges are lined up precisely. It would be a shame to screw up your chance at perfection this early.

Step Two


  • The second step of Paperama level 22 Yama is very tricky. You need to build the triangles that will become the dog’s ears. However, you can’t do that in the shape itself. You have to eyeball it.
  • Grab the left corner of the triangle and drag it up and to the right. Don’t drag it all the way to the top corner, though.
  • Do your best to emulate this shape that our player has made. The two points need to be in exactly the right position to beat Paperama level 22 Yama. You should be able to draw an imaginary line between their two points to make a small right triangle.

Step Three


  • The next step of Paperama level 22 Yama should be much easier. Now that you’ve got your ears created, it’s time to get most of the head in place.
  • Drag the bottom corner up and to the left until it lines up with the far left corner, which is supposed to be the dog’s nose.
  • If you’ve completed step two correctly, then you shouldn’t have to line up the edges at all. If there’s a lot of overlap, undo and try step two again.

Step Four


  • Now that the space for the ears is clearly marked, you can fold over the right part of the paper.
  • Grab the edge of the furthest ear and drag it over to the leftmost ear. Again, if the angle in Paperama level 22 Yama step two was right, you shouldn’t have to do a lot of adjusting.

Step Five


  • To complete the dog’s head in Paperama level 22 Yama, just drag the remaining paper up and slightly to the right.
  • The bottom corner should go into the upper right corner, so that the obtuse angle will fill in the gap on the bottom.
Yama Pack Level 22: Dog Walkthrough

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