Paperama Level 23 Yama Pack Cheats

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This is the walkthrough for Paperama level 23 Yama. Watch the video to figure out how to pass Paperama level 23 Yama Pack!

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Paperama Level 23 Yama Pack Cheats

Step One


  • In Paperama level 23 Yama, you’ll be learning how to make a woodpecker in six folds! This noisy bird is hanging onto a tree to get some bugs out of it for dinner. Let’s help the little guy out.
  • Start off Paperama level 23 Yama by getting rid of half the paper’s surface area. Grab the bottom edge and fold it straight up.
  • Once you get to the top and are sure the edges are all aligned, make the fold. Easy, right? Not for too long.

Step Two


  • This step of Paperama level 23 Yama is almost as simple as the first one. We’re going to start making some diagonal edges to work with.
  • Grab the bottom left corner and fold it up to the exact middle of the top edge. It should look like you have a triangle attached to a square.
  • It’s easy to make the corners on this step less than perfectly sharp. Don’t be afraid to retry it a few time. The shape should be very precise.

Step Three


  • The third step of Paperama level 23 Yama is a mirror image of step two. You can use the lines you just made as your guide.
  • Grab the bottom right corner and fold it up to the middle of the top edge to meet the other corner. You should now have an isosceles triangle.

Step Four


  • Now that you’re halfway through Paperama level 23 Yama, things are going to start getting tougher. Don’t worry, though–they’ll still be just as picky about precision!
  • Grab the top right corner and fold it way down to the right. The edge of the paper should line up snugly with the two lines making up the woodpecker’s neck. It should also brush up against the two corners on its feet.

Step Five


  • Grab the edge of the paper hanging outside the dotted lines and flip it 180 degrees.
  • The bottom corner should fit neatly in the woodpecker’s foot area. Our player needs to rotate their fold slightly by twisting their finger clockwise.

Step Six


  • Time to finish this woodpecker! Grab the outer corner and fold it inwards.
  • It’s best to use a finger on your left hand to get a better view of the dotted lines.
Paperama Level 23 Yama Pack: Woodpecker Walkthrough

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